Convert any PSD layout into clean, W3C standards compliant XHTML with full CSS support, in an instant.

No XHTML or CSS knowledge needed. Once you have the desired PSD file ready to be converted, simply click on the "convert" plugin and you're done. Click to see how it works.
The code is clean and doesn't give you any headache with absolute positioning. It is XHTML compliant and ready for your customization. Some of the benefits include:
No layer annotations needed
No CSS absolute positioning
Detection of floated columns
Click to see why PSD Breaker is making your life easier or check some sample code.
The conversion process should take no more than a few minutes, depending, of course, on the number of layers that need to be conversed. Breaking a regular, 20 layer-file should not take more than a minute though. See the above video.
We’ve released a new version 1.5 that doesn’t hang anymore when run with no administrator permissions under Vista / Windows 7. Unfortunately you can only use PSDBreaker with Administrator rights because it needs read/write access rights to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\Presets\Scripts. Luckily you don’t have to disable UAC for this, here are the two steps to make [...] ... read more
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